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""Put your psyche in motion and it will heal itself" Gabrielle Roth"
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Anat Tamir

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos
The first time I danced the 5 Rhythms I felt like coming home, to myself, to my body, to my heart, to my soul. i strongly felt that i wanted to be a 5 rhythms teacher and to pass on this amazing practice. Practicing the 5 Rhythms is a healing process for me .IT IS MY MEDICINE! The Rhythms are my teachers: In Flowing I learn to connect to myself, to my femininity, my fluidity, my goodness. Staccato teaches me how to focus on my goals, how to express my emotions, how to be assertive and how to say no... Chaos teaches me how to let go of over thinking, how to let go of the past, to loosen up and just to be in the moment. In Lyrical I can be a happy child! feeling free, intuitive, creative, optimistic, delicate and lite... and in Stillness I can finaly slow down.. breath.. and just to be calm and connected to everything. As a teacher i wish for my students to open their hearts, to dance themselves, to remember the free child within, to be passionate about life! and dance!!! and move move move! I am an Expressive Arts Therapist. I have been teaching Free dance for 5 years. I own a Body&Soul Center: "Bituy center" wich provides a warm and welcoming home for workshops and individual therapy eesentialpart of the center is THE STUDIO, for dancing, Yoga, meditation, dance therapy, Pilates and more. The vision of my center - To create a safe and creative space for grownups and children to express and heal themselves. I live in a small village in Israel with my family.
Maps: Waves
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Baila desde: 2006 Enseña desde: 2014
Idiomas: Ingles, Hebrew

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