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"You know you're a good driver when you can dance behind the wheel. Can you imagine what happens when you step out of the car?"
Rocky Mountains Teacher Community
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Debby Dillman

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Kellie Shannon Elliott
When I was a young girl I used to dream of leaping big extended leaps in the air that would almost turn into flight. Born to a Mother and Father that danced, music and movement were a part of my daily life. Traditional dance classes were great and taught me a lot but all I wanted to do was break out and move the way my body was guiding me. I was that bubbly energetic, dateless girl at the school dance that moved all over the floor. Gliding in and out of the crowd, I would weave my energy web around the other dancers. Sharing in this way made me feel alive and I loved it! My first experience with the 5 Rhythms was a five day workshop and I literally jumped in with both feet, I was home! I laughed, I cried and sometimes did both at the same time. Feeling it all pass through my body, I released emotion to the movement. This healing meditation comes from moving to the rhythms that are born within us. We just have to learn to access, understand, and find the key to unlock them. For me 5 Rhythms is that key and my dreams are beginning to take flight!
Location: Boise, Idaho, United States
Baila desde: 1975
Idiomas: Ingles

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