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Jennifer Distlehorst

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Laura Martin-Eagle
I fell in love with the 5Rhythms when my friends took me to an evening Waves class and I was soon dancing as often as I could. In 2016 I became a 5Rthythms Sweat SpaceHolder in service and gratitude for all I have learned along the dancing path. I'm honored and excited to be holding space with Laura Martin-Eagle for our little dance tribe on the prairie.

When I started my 5Rhythms practice, I had spent 30 years living almost purely in my head. I did not trust my body or my emotions. When I started to move my body, I opened paths through all my stuck places. In my 5Rhythms practice I fully inhabit my body, mind, heart and soul. As I have become more spacious in myself, I have patience, presence and compassion to offer those who are walking the path with me.

In addition to the 5Rhythms, I enjoy devotional singing and dancing practices such as kirtan, Dances of Universal Peace and the Sufi zikrs. I can often be found knitting, reading, riding my tandem bike with my husband, or turning the compost at Delaware Street Commons, my cohousing community. In my professional life I'm an engineer and a geologist working as a researcher for the Kansas Department of Transportation.
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, United States
Baila desde: 2003
Idiomas: Ingles, German

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