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"Creation, destruction, I am dancing for them both. - Rumi"
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona Teacher Community
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Raven Tompkins

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Heeraa Sazevich & Melanie Cooley

I went to my first 5 Rhythms class with having no idea what 5 Rhythms is. I only knew there was a dance on Sunday morning and something inside me kept nudging me to go. I stood in the back, didn't move my feet and fell in love!

A couple months later I was attending two classes a week, going to every workshop I could and my feet started moving. Waves on the floor rippled out into waves in my life. I found myself instinctively stepping into uncomfortable places without two days of mental debate. It happened so naturally I often didn't notice till after I'd done the scary thing. Move your body, move your life.

Me dancing is a miracle. I was born with a rare knee disorder that gave me a medical exemption from gym in school. For most of my life my body was a cage and a source of pain. I had my second knee replacement in 2012. I was forty-eight. For the first time in my life I had two knees that worked....and these bionic knees were made for dancing!

Dancing the rhythms is a fun, playful way to recreate my relationship with my body. Rather than a burden, it's become a source of wonder. I'm amazed at how smart this body is. I love those "I didn't know my feet could do that" moments on the floor.

I am honored to be a Sweat Spaceholder, to hold a space where others can come to move and fall in love with moving.

The more I dance, the more awe, wonder, and creativity flow in my daily life. The more I dance, the more me I become. Body schools mind = holy shit. Let's dance!

Location: Taos, New Mexico, United States
Baila desde: 2014
Idiomas: Ingles

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