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"Dance reveals (self-)love, love is the universal medicine"
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Ladina Mitchell

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How is it possible to fall in love with oneself, with others and with life over and over again? I am human and that alone is quite a challenge to me. Life goes in waves, always surprising, always new, nothing is for sure, everything impermanent, a dance between infinite polarities. When I am in motion I reconnect to the source of love inside me unleashing the body's wisdom. And my dance does not stop at the threshold of the dance floor. Everything I am in the dance I am in my everyday life and the other way around. The 5Rhythms teach me in a safe and creative way to stumble, to try out, to relearn, research, reconnect, to love, to be completely human in its full range, not more and not less than what I am. Every time I am surprised and humbled about the mystery and miracle of the simplicity but yet transformational power by putting the body in motion. Lets Dance!
Maps: Waves
Location: , Switzerland
Pleše od: 2011 Podučava Od: 2016
Jezici: German, English

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