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Bobbie Rae Boyer

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Ann Kite

As a Spaceholder, Bobbie Rae embraces emotional clarity, strength and passion within her femininity, while continuing her vibrant journey through movement meditation on her path to becoming a 5Rhythms teacher..  Each dance she brings gratitude to the dance floor with her willingness and intense desire to bring life to Gabrielle Roth's voice, sharing the beauty and power of the 5Rhythms practice.  Her intention for your experience during a SWEAT, is to create a mindfully safe thresh hold, guided by musical invitations, to hold and support a sacred space for your heart investigations, exploration of emotions, reconnecting your soul to your artistic and free body movement."Together we dance as one,  finding the magic in connection and support from community."

Location: Mesa, Arizona, United States
Dancing since: 2008
Languages: English

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