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Jackie Brinkerhoff

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Heeraa Sazevich
Ever since I was a child I had an affinity for movement.  Music would be played and I would innately move and dance.  No choreography. No  audience. No reason, other than I felt free and alive when I did.  What I realize now as an adult is that my child self intuitively and instinctively felt that this was how I could heal and feed my soul.  I've learned how to embrace this wise teaching my child-self has gifted me and integrate it into my adult-self. When you can move without pause, without thought, and just be, then is when the most profound awarenesses will take shape and shine light on your path; providing clarity, peace, and confidence.  I am honored to hold space for those seeking to do the same, regardless of where they may be on their journey.    
Location: South Jordan, Utah, United States
Dancing since: 2014
Languages: English

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