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Nicole Anna Maria Bosky

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Jason Rowe

I am on a path of liberation. 

Liberation from the mind, liberation from the constructs of a co-created sub-reality we have agreed to in this illusion. Freedom to be exactly as we are.  I am driven by a lifelong mission to support the endangered creature within, the human being. To help co-create safe environments for beings to reconnect with their creature instincts and primal nature through a language we can all understand, sound, movement and creation. I am a 5rhythms space holder so I can be of greater service to something much bigger than 'myself'. To be a channel that helps co-create safe spaces for others to give themselves the permission to be who they really are, underneath it all. My home rhythm is chaos.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Dancing since: 2015
Languages: English

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