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Zoltán Upor

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

The 5rhythms is full of enjoyment for me. Freedom and mystery. I don't know why but when I am dancing something is changing in me. My dance is changing, my inner world is changing and the world outside is changing within. I realized, I don't have to understand, only do it. I love this GAME.

In 2010, I was 32. Till that year I thought my life is not something what I can create, but a big pile of predetermined MUST in which I have to stay no matter how I feel in it. No choice at all. Everything defined by my fears. I reached the point, when I didn't want my life as it existed. Everything was fake. My relationships, my job, my whole being. I started a dense self-exploration. Therapist, groups, yoga, social dance, focusing(body oriented self-awareness) and many new relationships. And then the 5Rhythms. I just simply found my freedom and the essential enjoyment. For one year I didn't want any practice just dance what was inside me. I tried to ignore the teachers as much as I could. I didn't want any practice just feeling my freedom and the joy came within, obsessed with the workshops. I experienced when more than hundred people become a coherent Tribe. Being in it, huh. I knew that this is the experience that I want again and again. What a beautiful job to create that space. So I became a 5Rhythms Sweat Space-holder. A continuous big challenge, but it is worthy to do.

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Dancing since: 2013
Languages: Hungarian, English

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Budapest, Hungary
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