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Zuzana Klackova

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Jason Rowe

When I first stepped into 5Rhythms workshop, I was amazed by no need to pretend anything or to impress anyone. There was just an invitation to be present with whatever comes on a physical or emotional level.

And the mean of transport was dance. How poetic!

I fell in love with all these people moving on the dancefloor with whom we shared our stories without saying a word. Sometimes sad, at times uplifting, from time to time deeply healing and touching ones. 

It took me several years to see that no matter what healing techniques do I try when it comes to tough moments, I always come back to dance.

I am deeply grateful for the ability to offer fortnightly sweats in the capital of my beloved home country Slovakia. I do believe in the transformative power of these freedom islands in our daily lives.

Feel free to come. We will move together with whatever comes.



Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Dancing since: 2013
Languages: French, English, Slovak, Spanish

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