5Rhythms Workshop

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8 Sep 2017 - 10 Sep 2017
Joffrey, 434 6th Ave. New York
New York, New York, United States Show map
The Moving Center New York
tmcny@5rhythms.com, 2127601381



So often we long for the contact outside of us, and so often we are left empty-handed, and heavy-hearted. The 5Rhythms practice brings us back to the beginning of making “Contact”. With the rhythm of Flowing we learn to contact ourselves. Over and over again, we build our connection with ourselves as a foundation for any other relationship. Once we know where this home is we have more courage to take risks and through the rhythm of Staccato to go outside of ourselves and meet others. How do we get in touch with each other without the touching? How do we fall into intimacy with each other without getting into a physically intimate relationship? How do we keep moving while the other is moving as well, and not always in the same tempo or direction? Exploring these questions in the rhythm of Chaos we surrender to not knowing. Having a whole weekend to be and dance together, we give ourselves enough time for those spontaneous, effortless and magical contacts that are gifts of the rhythm of Lyrical to emerge. The invitation to relax into awareness of how connected we already are, all breathing the same air, all of our roots dancing together on the same Earth, is the rhythm of Stillness


On the dance floor, meeting complete strangers in the beat, you have the opportunity to rip off your mask and relax into the rhythm of connection.” Gabrielle Roth

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