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In my life I always searched for beauty.I did find it at all kinds of places.So many small and big manifestations of it in art,in nature,in my children.Then when I fell in love with the 5 Rhythms in 2008,I found the beauty of my-self,my moving body.I was surprised at the discovery,that there was so much I could move.There was so much I had held inside for so long,which now came out.That initial surprise is still there.

For me the beauty is especially in the raw version.My grief,my anger,my fear,my playfullness. Nothing has to be changed or to be recreated.If I let it be,the wisdom of my moving body shows me the direction..

I could also see this is not only particular to me,but universal.We can all make this journey with our beauty,our bodys, our souls.We are all united in this.

This has led to the curousity that is  my incentive in teaching and the invitation that I want to offer in my classes.

Let's trust our feet,they will show us the way.

Maps: Waves
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Danst sinds: 2008
Talen: English, Dutch

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