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"After all this time I have no doubt: embodied physical practice in the context of a shamanic 5Rhythms wave delivers. Must be present to win. "
California Teacher Community

Bella Dreizler

Gecertificeerde 5Ritmes docent
Twenty years ago 5Rhythms practice ripped me from a comfortable mid-life, planted my feet deep enough to root out embedded fear and re-purposed the fire of old anger. It let my tears go viral. I downed this medicine willingly, created huge life shifts, never looked back. Sacramento community offerings are an ongoing expression of love for this practice and gratitude for my release. Inspiration comes straight from students, life flowing through and around me, my own dance. Fifty years of physical therapy practice wields big influence. Sessions tend toward the uncomplicated basic. Weight, sensation, fluidity. Clarity, pulse, feelings. Shake out and surrender. Repeat. A journey toward wholeness begins in the bones, spirals through the heart, harnesses meandering mind. Each class is a welcome mat for the organic emergence of soul and spirit. Space that invites, honors, bows to the mystery.

In addition to 5Rhythms practice, I offer sessions integrating the freedom of dance with the discipline of the mat.  A unique yoga-inspired practice, infused with physical therapy wisdom. Rollers, balls, bhandas, breath, stretches.  Dancers learning self-care; yogis breaking from the confines of the mat.  All of us feeling the bridge between breath & power & release, enhancing possibility for full vibrant expression.
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Location: Sacramento, California, United States
Danst sinds: 2001 Geeft les sinds: 2008
Talen: English

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Sacramento, California, United States
Sacramento, California, United States


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