5Ritmes docenten

""Do your dance! It's the most natural thing, feet first!""

Catherine Bessin

Gecertificeerde 5Ritmes docent

Music and Dance are my life-long passions. Life’s mystery, energy, the body, movement, nature, the cosmos have always fascinated me… My journey has been one of re-connecting with our ability to heal and transform through various practises involving movement and energy work. The 5 Rhythms is the most powerful medicine I have encountered and has led me on a wonderful, life-saving, transformative and healing journey.

The practice teaches us embodiment, it grounds us, out of our overactivated minds, it enables us to feel our emotions, to surrender to our body's innate intelligence, to the power of our intuitive knowing, to feel what's moving inside or not, and what wants to move. It guides us to be present with the moment, with our truth, with every breath, and with what's moving around us, and it makes us aware of the sacred relationship between our moving centre and our connectedness with others, with source and with all that is

my heart and soul’s desire is to spend the rest of my life offering Gabrielle’s medicine to others so they can experience the freedom and the magic that comes from surrendering to the dance and the beat.

Maps: Waves
Location: London, United Kingdom
Danst sinds: 2010
Talen: English, French, Spanish

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