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"Once we open up to the flow of energy within our body, we can also open up to the flow of energy in the universe. (Wilhelm Reich) "
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Dorine Hoog

Gecertificeerde 5Ritmes docent
All 5Rhythms classes, workshops and 5Rhythms related trainings, learned me that through the dance I find the connection with my body, my emotions and my (sometimes unconscious) beliefs and patterns. Dancing the 5Rhythms supported me in moving through my emotions, helped me in relating more with my heart. Understanding the rhythm and signals of my heart, related to fear, love, excitement, pain, grief etc. As a nurse and coordinator of the heart rehabilitation program I have been working for many years with heart patients. I learned that heart patients longed for another kind of stress reduction than breathing and relaxation exercises. Knowing the benefit of dancing the 5Rhythms for myself, I was dreaming about a method to be able to use the 5Rhythms in healtcare with clients. In 2008 I joined the Movement Therapy Training, Andrea Juhan facilitated. At the end of this training Andrea asked me if I had applied for the 5Rhythms teacher training itself. "Dorine, You're a dancer! You don't need words, your body shows". I never wanted to be a teacher ; ) Now as a teacher, I support my students and clients in understanding their body language through movement and dance. I give two different classes: 5Rhythms and Dynamic Relaxation. The Dynamic Relaxation is dancing the 5Rhythms combined with coaching. The costs for Dynamic Relaxation are partly covered by healthcare insurances. A short video about my work with heartpatients is posted on 5RRO.org
Maps: Waves
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Danst sinds: 2004 Geeft les sinds: 2010
Talen: Dutch, English, French

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Utrecht, Netherlands


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