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"Let your heart dance, wherever you move your feet..."

Eliza Bouwens

Gecertificeerde 5Ritmes docent
Ever since the first time I arrived on the 5Rhythms dancefloor my confidence and joy for life grew. Dancing has been my healer every time I come out of or are in challenging situations of life. From the time when I was a little girl, I was already moving as soon as a swinging song was heard through the speakers of our living room. So my mum decided to put me on danceclasses 'kidswing and rock 'n roll' when I was 10. From that moment on, I have tried out many shapes and forms of dancing...bouncing in Streetdance, straight postures in Ballroom, swaying hips in Latin and joyful feet in Charlston. When I arrived on the dancefloor of 5Rhythms, I discovered I had a great source to be creative with: my own moves, which I didn't know I had after many years of copying others. As a 5Rhythms dance teacher I like to help others move freely in a bigger space than their living room, with their own creative self.
Maps: Waves
Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Danst sinds: 1993 Geeft les sinds: 2016
Talen: English, Dutch

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