5Ritmes docenten

"Move your feet, open your heart, drop your head , feel and dance your truth."

Fabiola Morales

Gecertificeerde 5Ritmes docent

I am a Chilean woman living for almost 22 years in the Netherlands.Along with my training as a psychologist, i have always been in contact with different body  awareness techniques ad dance. I believe that "we as human beings deceive through words but  our body does not lie"

The power and magic of the 5 Rhythms brings me  to feel at "home"

The  5 rhythms, and its senses, emotions, movement and meditation connect me to the rhythm and organic movement of the cycles of nature, relationships , community and with the beat of my heart. It is a beautiful non ending journey. A journey that evokes discipline and compassion. .As Gabrielle Roth said: "it takes discipline to be a free spirit"

Each wave brings me the opportunity to explore, feel what is inside me  at  that moment and how  it manifests at the end of  it.

I feel very grateful to be able to share this power, beautiful and healing practice of the 5 rhythms..I also feel very blessed to meet through this years of practice, so lovely, beautiful and supported beings .

Maps: Waves
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Danst sinds: 2015
Talen: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


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