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"The authentic self is the soul made visible Sarah Ban Breathnah"
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Katrien Mazijn

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My greatest inspiration for my dancing path are my three children.They are my eye openers, my heart opener, my spirit of trusting real life as it comes . We are dancing together the 5 rhythms since I'm divorced 15 years ago. In the beginning they came with me because I couldn't always find a babysit and now they are truly "addicted" to dance waves ,( heartbeat) workshops... Together we did Cycles and Mirrors which let us see our family wounds, so we could heal them through tears, bones, blood, soul and heart. Dancing with my kids always creates a deep, non verbal, breathing and sacred place where they/we simply can communicate with our body, let go our talking heads and see what is really true for ourself and for us as a family. No masks and no pretenting that everything is allright in their and our life. It is a wonderful way of letting go, of accepting what was and to receive what the 5 rhythms dance can bring us, step by step, breath after breath, wave after wave after wave.... I hope more parents will connect with their teenagers and young adults, through this pure spirit of Gabrielle, so the whole world can become lighter and more aware....My biggest dream and intention as a future 5 rhythm teacher is to see this manifestation during my teaching and of course dancing path!
Maps: Waves
Location: Brugge, Belgium
Danst sinds: 2004 Geeft les sinds: 2016
Talen: Dutch, French, English

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Brugge, Belgium
Gent, Belgium


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