5Rhythms Workshop

Eros In 5 Rhythms 2019 - 4 Day Workshop

Elective, Waves
Led by: Tomasz Szymocha
20 Feb 2019 - 23 Feb 2019
Locatie: חוות האיסיים 90875 Ewen Sappir, חוות האיסיים 90875 Ewen Sappir
Jerusalem, Israel Show map
Organizer: Tomasz Szymocha

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 This is a LOVE LIFE Workshop:

5 Rhythms and Eros “Expand Your Body, Mind, and Love Making” 

By: Ela Merom (Israel), Tomasz Szymocha (Poland) 

4 Day workshop, in the Jerusalem mountains, ISRAEL

LOVE LIFE workshops hold a unique combination of the magical map of the 5Rhythms® Movement meditation led by Tomasz Szymocha (certified 5 Rhythms teacher), and other powerful practices and methods, coming from the worlds of Shamanism, body centered psychotherapy, mindfulness, and tantra led by Ela Merom. It is our experience that the combination of our powers creates a very potent field of exploration, healing, and Joy. Our participants experience a real release of resistance from the MIND-BODY-HEART consciousness, and discover new dimensions within themselves and existence. They find power to allow themselves to express their life force in its full range and glory - from the most subtle to the most wild, and play joyously in their lives as the powerful unique creators they are. 

In this workshop we will explore the Feminine and Masculine sexuality and orgasmic qualities. What we learned of as an orgasm or sexual energy, is extremely limited in comparison to different experiences and flavors it holds. Learning more about the Feminine and Masculine sexual energies within us, as well as the different sexual of experience of Men and Women, will allow us open up new expression of ourselves - in bed and in Life. Even if we think of ourselves as liberated and free, we are often locked in old patterns repeated over and over again. We are inviting you into this lab to expand your view of what love making is, release the old codes, and bring in more pleasure into your life.

Come dive deeply with us into the mysteries of Body, heart and Spirit! 

As facilitators it is incredibly important to us to create a safe environment for exploration. We both have lots of experience in holding sacred group journeys, and along with our amazing “hand picked” assistants we create a space that is held and supportive, in which participants can let go each into their own healing and empowerment.


1. Lots of movement and dance 

2. Experiential exercises from the world of Tantra and Shamanism

3. Working with the inner child through body-centered psychotherapy

4. Periods of silence and meditation

5. Time of deep connection in nature

6. Sharing in the circle

7. Ela does deep individual work with participants who choose, to release blocks

8. Time to rest and mingle with other participants and enjoy the beauty of the retreat centre.

9. Laughing, playing, reconnecting with the cosmic child within

*All parts of the workshop is out of free choice, and each woman decides in her own sovereignty what she want to do.

In this workshop there will be participants from Israel, Poland, Germany, Greece and more. Some have already experienced one or more of our workshops, and some are going to experience it for the first time. The workshop will be given in English with translation to Hebrew and Polish as needed.

We are a free birds flying unto creation.

We crave to love life - to merge with it completely.

To take in FULLY all the beauty that exists all around us, 

In other people, and first and foremost in ourselves.

To live out fully our unique, one of a kind, gift to the world.

Our desire is to touch and be touched intimately with every breath we take, in this miracle of a body we received from Existence 

To let our most primal energy appear in its raw and magnificent form! 

We unite as cosmic children to play, cry, love together. Come as you are!


Ela and Tomasz



ELA MEROM / Israel 

Ela Merom is a teacher and founder of "LOVE LIFE" workshops, INITIATION TEMPLE, and FEMININE POWER AND MYSTERY (workshops for women), has a private clinic of body-heart-mind psychotherapy, is a mother of two beautiful daughters, and lives in an Eco-Village in the North of Israel. For nearly two decades Ela has been leading transformational workshops, rituals, and personal development processes in Israel and abroad. In her work she magically blends heart, body, and consciousness work. Her first major spiritual awakening as an adult was through Buddhist wisdom, and since then she has deepened her human experience though the Shamanic path, Jewish Mystical tradition, sacred sexuality, body centered psychotherapy, and more. Her studies have been both Academic and Experiential. She has a Masters Degree in Religion, and has been ordained as a Rabbi.

Increasing intimacy and the full experience of the life force is her most major concern, both for herself and others. She is inviting you to breakthrough to your deepest and most joyous and loving essence, creating a deep, fulfilling, and sensual relationship with your loved ones, with the beauty of creation, and most importantly with yourself.

Expansion of our hearts and minds is not a mere saying, it can be lived out and make our life into the true adventure it was meant to be. 


An accredited 5Rhythms® teacher and the founder of “LOVE LIFE” workshops. He is also an actor, a yogi, Lomi Lomi and Kashmir massage therapist. His reality is full of love and movement and so is his work on the 5Rhythms dance floor. He is inspired by shamanism, his deep contact with nature, the fascination with theater and the wisdom that is constantly passed on to him by his four children.

In 2011 Tomasz founded the BioRezydencja in Świeradów – Zdrój: a beautiful, ecological, rural retreat; a place of revival for the body and the spirit, where he also facilitates classes and workshops.


Wednesday, 20/2/2019

Payment and room assignment 1700

The workshop will end on Saturday 23/2/19 at 1600.


The workshop will take place at Essene Farm in Even Sapir near Jerusalem. There you will find a big, spacious, and beautiful studio where we will dance and work, pampering sleeping rooms and awesome view.


The price includes: 

1. Participation in the full workshop

2. 3 beautiful vegan meals a day (Wednesday- dinner only, Saturday- breakfast and lunch), made with love by the Chef and culinary shaman Daria Peled

3. Open Coffee/Tea corner 

4. Sleep accommodation. The price will change according to the choice of sleeping accommodation. 

*Price per personsleep in the big hall/tent (includes mattress and blanket) 584 EU.

*Price per person in a 5 person bedroom 663 EU

*Price per person for a two person bedroom 736 EU.

*Price per person for a big two person bedroom 796 EU.


☀ First 7 people to register (only) will get a 34 EU discount for early registration. 

☀ Love Life Tribe members that took part in one of our previous Love Life workshops workshops will get an additional 27 Euros discount on the price of the workshop 


☀ European/Polish Participants:

Contact Gaja Wannan phon or What App at +48661600355 or mail Gajamatka@o2.pl

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details!!

Registration Fee: To register wire 226 Euros to………………..

registration fees are also cancelation fees but you can use them in another Love Life workshop in the future until Februery 2020

☀ Israelies, Please contact Shany via Phone or WhatsApp on


You can easily register at https://www.myofficeguy.com/p/9j2yt/9j5hv/adrk5/payment/


Comfortable clothes to dance in.

Worm clothes for the night hours.


Comfortable shoes for an easy walk.

Rooms will include beddings and a towel

For people sleeping in the big hall/Tent, please bring your own linens (warm blanket and comfortable mattress are provided..

Water bottle

If you have a power object(crystal/stone/dorje… or anything that empowers you bring it)


„I am grateful for this workshop. A temple space was created where we could all be ourselves authentically, speak our inner truth in a safe environment. This is how the magic and healing happened. I was able to live my passion, dance and bring my gifts. My heart opened to nature, to myself and to the others. It is full of love now. Ela is amazing shamanic magician. Tomasz is a beautiful dancing shiva. Thank you both for this beautiful journey. Love you!”

Pini Mogilevsky (Israel)

"Gratitude is what I am feeling right now. And I keep on smiling because I just feel good. I feel that I am a whole person. I can feel my soul, my heart can hear my mind, and I can see and appreciate my body. Ela you are a wild woman “La Loba”, I’m honored I have met you. Tomasz you are crazy and sensual. Thanks to you I am able to express myself, truly express. I have never shouted this loud (not even when I was giving birth to my son), I never laughed so hard, and never danced so freely. I came here to be more with myself, to see the whole of me. You have helped me achieve this goal. I feel truly happy, thank you."


"Ela Merom is a powerful living human goddess!! Workshops with Ela are a journey not to be missed. The precise holding , allowing, directing and joy are profound !

I have yet to have such a transformative experience in such a short time, like I had with Ela." Thank you



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Registration Policy

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Elective workshops combine the 5Rhythms practice with other disciplines. These workshops hold true to the 5Rhythms Maps and weave in deep investigations that compliment the teachings. This workshop will count as an Elective on the 5Rhythms Dancing Path towards Teacher Training.

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