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"Magic happens when you do not give up.even though you want to. The universe always fall in love with stubborn heart."
Slovakia Teacher Community

Misa Trizuljakova

Sweat SpaceHolder, mentored by Jason Rowe
I am artist from Slovakia, I was born to deeply religious Catholic parents in times of strict communism. Despite persecution that affected my whole family, I never gave up my art. And I love my kids, grandkids, my family deeply. My work was always a reaction to my life, to my feelings. I was able to show my art work and all my skills freely after Velvet revolution, when the ironcurtain was broken. I was involved in politics, I was teaching at artschool. I have started to seek freedom not only outside of me. I was practising different kind of meditations. Biggest discovery for me was Zen Buddhism. My beloved Zen Master told me a story about special small Buddha statues, produced somewhere in Thailand. They are small statues with iron ball in gravity centre. If you hit the statue down, it stands up on its own. Master crafting those tiny Buddhas paint first the whole statue, except eyes. Then he hits this undone Buddha down 7 times Buddha stands 7 times on its own. And now- it is time to paint the eyes. My life was very much like story of this Buddha puppet. I was knocked down few times quite hard. By communist regime, by some people in my life, by my self. Last KO was my very own. I started to believe I have done enough in my life, it is time to rest. Answer from Universe came after few years. I had real problems with my back bone. I could not walk I had problems with my ears. When I heard the very first beats in my first 5rhythms session, my gravity center made me stand up. I felt in love with 5rhythms in very first moment. I feel my own healing energy again. I am being reborn, all my skills are renewing. Is it time to paint my eyes already?I do not know. I dance.
Location: , Slovakia
Danst sinds: 2016
Talen: Slovak, English

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Bratislava, Slovakia
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