5Rhythms Workshop

Connections Module 4 Unity and Creative Space

Led by: Berit Hague
12 Jan 2018 - 14 Jan 2018
Locatie: Location information from contact, Location information from contact
Tallinn, Estonia Show map
Organizer: Liina Lehtla

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Our awakening has reached a pointwhere it is relevant for us to be aware of deeper connections within. This isin relation to our body, to ourselves, in the way we hold and accept ouremotions, value our minds without being identified with them and having adeeper trust in our intuition. Our experienceof spirit/of being is broadening and this will affect our lives with muchinspiration if we allow it. Actually, thedeeper we go within, the more we realize that - Reality/That Which Is/Universe- is Connectedness. I think we all have experienced that our ability to saythings, give, create, have insights is increased when we are with others,f.inst. in a group. The group is more than the sum of the individuals. Togetherwe become much more. And building trust in a group can create “magic”. We findour courage and talents and abilities we did not know we had.These 5 workshopswill be a space to reveal, realize and discover more about our true nature. Wewill dive deep into our natural human qualities, what we could call ourarchetypal abilities, and see how our relationships are to these innateenergetic qualities in us. Our dancepractice with the 5  Rhythms will help usimmensely to ground our “newness”. By newness I mean that we will have a lifeenergy/source energy of higher frequencies,  being  interested in new attitudes, having new ideas about ourselves, what we want to do, how wewant to live a.s.o. This will, of course, takecourage, and we as a group will be a source of great support for each other.Andthe 5 Rhythms practice create the space and freedom for us to open up, to see,to meet, to release whatever we hold within that needs to be embraced, loved orlet go of. And to celebrate who we truly are, each and every one of us a uniquebeautiful Being.


5 independent workshops connected by the theme:1. 26-28 May 2. 11-13 August 3. 13-15 October 4. 12-14 January 2018 5. 23-25 March 2018.

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In een 5Ritmes® Waves Workshop ervaar je de basis van het gehele 5Ritmes spectrum. Tijdens een workshop vindt verdieping plaats van je fysieke expressie, de ritmes en hun polariteiten. VOORWAARDE VOOR DEELNAME: Geen.
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