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"If you have a body, you are a dancer. Gabrielle Roth."
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Ada Gredilla

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

The first contact with 5R was a joyful discovery, a reunion with my childhood. I was a very active and spontaneous child, and thanks to the practice, a familiar but almost forgotten sense of vitality of an innocent and creative child was awakened. Many times, I become a child again when I dance.

Since 2010, I had been searching for myself, and it was in that first contact with the 5R that a path of life opened up that aligned completely with me. The values that support the practice resonated with me immediately -integrity, discretion, compassion, freedom, respect, presence- all of them embodied in each and every one of my 5R teachers. I decided to embark on my own journey, discovering different layers of my dance, from the most superficial to the deepest and darkest, with the guidance of Gabriel Roth´s map. These past years of travels, deep encounters, astonishment, ecstasy, and exploration of my intimacy have confirmed that life holds Pure Magic, and that my small existence is part of a vast and colorful universe that we all share.

Connection is one of my main reasons for teaching the practice. Human beings hunger for connection, to be part of something greater; we need to occupy our rightful place. This is one of our challenges as humanity, learning to connect on that deep level and laying the foundation for new forms of organization. The alchemy of 5Rhythms leads me again and again to a state of communion and fraternity, and it opens me up to the hope that we can delve into the foundations that make us up—our love, legitimacy, recognition, compassion—for the construction of a more conscious and agile humanity in change. My proposal is to convey my experience in 5Rhythms teaching. Will you meet with me?

Location: Vizcaya, Pais Vasco, Spain
Pleše od: 2017
Jezici: English, Spanish

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