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The 5Rhythms teachings are the Feminine Flowing root, 5Rhythms Global the Masculine Staccato container. This Flowing and Staccato is our balance; each holding their place within and service to the integrity of this philosophy, perspective, and practice.

5Rhythms Global (5RG) is Gabrielle’s Map for our future, the foundational vision of the organization that connects and supports our dancing communities worldwide.  It maintains the archive of Gabrielle’s healing practice: the purity of each of the 5Rhythms, the Maps that make up The Dancing Path and the Integrity of our Teachers.   5RG’s mission is to be the container for Gabrielle’s offerings — holding the continuity of the full 5Rhythms workshop curriculum and the training of those seeking to embody the 5Rhythms dancing path.  Continuing Gabrielle’s life goal: that the 5Rhythms practice become accessible to every BODY, bringing the opportunity to dance, putting the psyche in motion to unravel and heal itself.


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Radni tim

Nothing happens alone. As part of their dance, our work-study crew show up to serve the before and after, the comings and goings, the spirit and the space in a dance of silent service. They sweep, dust, install, break down, create, scrub, greet, meet, do the ten thousand things that make it all run smoothly. We love them, and nothing would happen without them. As Jonathan says: “My crew is my right hand, which is an extension of my heart and higher vision. I am truly grateful for everything they continually give and the space they help me hold.”


The 5Rhythms Teacher Association is a professional organization for 5Rhythms certified teachers world-wide. /p>

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