I never realized dancing in a room together with other people was something I was taking for granted. Looking back, it’s screamingly ironic that the upheaval 5Rhythms practice predicted rhythmically in [...]


Welkom bij de 5Ritmes – een dynamische vorm van zowel bewegen als meditatie, vanuit dezelfde adem. Het beoefenen van de 5Ritmes ondersteunt ons om alert te blijven op de onderliggende patronen in ons dagelijks leven.


5Ritmes Reach Out is een non profit organisatie die 5Ritmes beoefening naar verschillende delen in de wereld brengt als een manier om chaos en crisis te transformeren naar verbinding en creativiteit.


5ritme: één internationale dansgemeenschap

Sluit je aan bij onze dansgemeenschap van meer dan 100.000 dansende voeten verspreid over de hele wereld.
Luister naar hun ervaringen met de 5Ritmes, in hun eigen woorden.

Anna Gayle, 'Performing the Riots' The body as a site of political action & the 5Rhythms as a tool for transformation , BA Drama, Applied Theatre & Education Performer/Theatre practitioner

“Our bodies and behaviours tell the story of our social conditioning, our belief systems, and our personal experience. In movement we embody these narratives, we give them form. We also have the opportunity to deconstruct and re–imagine our identities, every time we step on the floor...”

Chantey Dayal, 5Rhythms dance & Letting go to processArtist, chanteydayal.com

“I love to dance the 5Rhythms… it gets me out of my own way. It only asks me to show up and in return, holds me in letting go. Dancing allows me into an artistic process without attachment to outcome. This leads to strokes, tones, and feelings pouring out onto the canvas like the journey of a song. It opens my hands up to possibility and investigation. 5Rhythms is a gateway that allows me to paint boldly on the canvas and to discover all the living parts of my creative self.”

Eliezer Sobel, My Adventures with an Urban ShamanEliezer's business card simply says 'Human Being,' but his wife insists he only works part-time.

“I have literally been around the world meeting gurus and teachers, shamans and supposed messiahs and avatars, and yet Gabrielle was the only one who let me into her apartment still in her pajamas. Meaning, she was the only one that let me in, period.”

Andrew JohnsonRetired Librarian

“It is a great map for living my life. Going with the flow till you find something you love, working hard at it, releasing it in the world knowing it is meant to be, enjoying the joy, peace and tranquility that follows.”

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