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"What if you risk a little more? What if you push a little less? what if it's all just about discovering...."
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Alessia Lencioni

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I am a passionate heart, a woman and a seeker. I am fire and water, wind and earth. I am chaos and flowing, i am a lyrical, travelling soul. Forever experiencing, through the movement, the balance between strenght and vulnerabiltiy.I am Moon Mother and Psychosomatic Cpunselor for women.  In my group sessions as well as in One2one Processes I bring the integration between the dynamic and liberating experience and the static and subtle one, oriented towards witnessing and transformation. Welcoming, inclusion and authenticity are the values that guide my offerings. 

Maps: Waves
Location: Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
Pleše od: 2013
Jezici: English, Italian

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17 Jun 2022 - 19 Jun 2022
Florence, Tuscany, Italy
22 Jul 2022 - 24 Jul 2022
Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
13 Aug 2022 - 18 Aug 2022
Casole d Elsa, Tuscany, Italy
16 Sep 2022 - 18 Sep 2022
Pisa, Tuscany, Italy
30 Oct 2022 - 1 Nov 2022
Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
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