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"There are so many possibilities, when I allow my self to explore Dance first, think later! "
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Ann-Cathrin Hertling

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova
I have always danced. Dancing is the best thing I know, when ever - whereever!

When dancing the 5 rhythms for the first time, I was totally blown away by this powerful energetic experience, the awareness of my physical impulses, my inner landscape and how we could be as humans, together. This free flowing room, unfolding with joy, high energy, acceptance, vulnerability, generosity, fun and pure love. It was so authentic and incredible inspiring.

It has changed my life. The beauty of our dance, the effort of our physical offering that takes us home, reconnect us and transcends us back to honest, pure, authentic, playful beings, full of love and compassion for each other and our self. The joy that unfolds in peoples faces when dancing, the energy created, the expressions, grooviness, the kick of being alive, where impulses flows rather than being suppressed, it just makes me so damn happy. In those dancing moments I truly believe that the dance will release us and take us home to who we truly are. Lives are being unlocked. This practice has showed me that if I keep on dancing, with what ever is, it keeps me flexible, opened minded, generous and full of acceptance. It widens my perspective and keeps me inspired in life. Embracing the mystery of life, the Radical Unknowing.

As a teacher  I’m so excited to continue offering this generous, playful, life enhancing, loving, creative space and community, together, wave after wave…
Maps: Waves
Location: Trondheim, Norway
Pleše od: 2006
Jezici: Norwegian, English

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