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"Not complicated. Breath & gravity: fluidity, clarity, release. Repeat again. Teaching embodied physical practice in the context of a shamanic 5 rhythms wave. This is what delivers authentic insight. Must be present to win."
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Bella Dreizler

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This practice ripped me from mid-life, knocked me upside the head, ground my feet exploring fear, re-routed real old anger, let my tears go viral. I downed this medicine willingly, made major life shifts, never looked back. Offering this prescription in my own community is an ongoing expression of gratitude. Instruction inspiration comes straight from students, life flowing through & around me, my own practice. Being a physical therapist about forever is big influence; classes tend toward the basic physical: body parts focused on belly & heart and their connection with feet; tail-spine-head as central letting go channel. Grounding, fluidity, clarity, release, breath...simple invitations to presence. Every offering an opportunity for us all to drop down from thinking into the sensate body and, if we have the discipline to be a free spirit, move from the body  into the mystery.  I live for these moments.  For my students and myself.  Teach yoga, too & my mat journey spills over on the dance floor & vice versa. Totally in my right work with dancers & yogis learning to care for their bodies so full expression in practice is possible: balls & rollers (always in a sacred little floor corner), the connect between breath & power & release. Here in Northern California we offer great workshops: visiting teachers and my own offerings that combine dance & self care yoga (I have travelled to many other communities to offer this). Sacramento: land here to be held in practice every Wednesday night and Sunday morning. Our reputation? Very welcoming community...hope you feel that some day!
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Location: Sacramento, California, United States
Pleše od: 2001 Podučava Od: 2008
Jezici: English

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Sacramento, California, United States
Sacramento, California, United States


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