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"Live your life like everyday is a beautiful day to die"
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Caroline Van de Ven

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova

In 5Rhythms my former studies come together as if meant for this one and only purpose to live my life as a 5R teacher. I qualified for several studies in movement and dance, artistically, scientifically and medically; in classical ballet, jazz ballet, physiotherapy, classical homeopathy, academic research, Gestalt therapy, bereavement councelling and fine arts. The self healing, self educating and self generating capacities of our body fascinate me tremendously; it's beyond imagination how true and powerful our body is. Gabrielle's map of the 5Rhythms offers me endless possibilities to explore, to feel, to learn, to move with and move through all aspects of the body in unique dances; loosening muscles, liquifying emotions, dissolving obtacles, breaking down ego; empowering, opening up space for creativity, developing body wisdom. As a 5R teacher I produce, teach classes & workshops, give lectures, create visuals and assist colleagues at home and abroad. The 5Rhythms work miracles. I feel grateful that I can go wherever these Rhythms take me; offering, sharing abundance, transforming suffering into art, art into awareness and awareness into action.

Silvija Tomçik about me: Caroline has a playful, creative spirit that can go high, as she isn't scared of her own depths and the depths of being a human being. She is dedicated to her own exploration of the 5Rhythms as a practice, how they live and how they move in her everyday life. She has a lot to offer back, being somebody who can back you up when needed and inspire you to take the next step when you are ready. I am very grateful for many times she has assisted me on my workshops and even covered and co-taught my workshop when I couldn't be there.

Maps: Waves, Heartbeat
Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Pleše od: 2008 Podučava Od: 2014
Jezici: Dutch, English, German

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Kekerdom, Netherlands
11 May 2024
Kekerdom, Netherlands


24 May 2024 - 26 May 2024
Nijmegen, Netherlands
31 Aug 2024
Kekerdom, Netherlands
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