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"What a wonderful way to move through life! to dance, to pray, to sweat, to love, to savour every breath!"
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Jean Rankin

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The dance floor is my palette, my playground and my prayer mat. Music is my lifeline. My moving breathing dancing body is my home and my pleasure zone. From all the way in to all the way out, the Rhythms guide me to my essence, my naturalness, my medicine. Both stimulating and soothing, challenging and relaxing, there is nothing this dance is not, because it is life lived in the moment, in every moment, with conscious awareness.
Maps: Waves, Heartbeat
Location: Glastonbury, United Kingdom
Pleše od: 1997 Podučava Od: 2007
Jezici: German, English, Spanish, French

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8 Jun 2024
Somerset, United Kingdom


27 Sep 2024 - 29 Sep 2024
Glastonbury, United Kingdom
1 Apr 2025 - 6 Apr 2025
Totnes, United Kingdom
30 May 2025 - 1 Jun 2025
Glastonbury, United Kingdom
28 Oct 2025 - 2 Nov 2025
Totnes, United Kingdom
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