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"As human beings, our potential for creativity and wisdom is infinite. All we need in order to tap into it is to come back to the present moment, hold space for what is alive inside us, and allow it to move!"
Eastern Canada Teacher Community
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Lisa Gravel

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova
Witnessing myself as well as other human beings from all walks of life coming back to a space of authenticity, beauty and connection, feels like a real privilege. I am fascinated by the continuous and unpredictable dance between the individual, the group, and life itself. Through the 5Rhythms, I have found a simple yet complete, deep yet playful, powerful yet anchored in humility practice to cultivate a more vibrant quality of presence and create new realities one breath at a time. Through my teaching, my intention is to contribute to our collective and individual empowerment. I trust our creativity and our natural capacity to give voice and movement to ageless wisdom, which I feel our time is strongly calling for.

Maps: Waves, Elective
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Jezici: French, English, Spanish

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