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"My job is to hold a sacred space where people can see what is already there."
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Majica Alba

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When I was a tiny baby my mama took me to a flamenco dance class she wanted to take. She says I laid on the blanket dancing with my whole body, as if I couldn't resist the drums and the beat. And that is still true to this day. My parents are musicians and I grew up making and listening to a lot of music, and then naturally that turned into a practice of moving my body to the rhythms of the drum. Coming into the practice of 5Rhythms is like coming home to myself, and I am so excited to share those gifts with those around me. 

When I am not dancing I am working in my private practice as an art psychotherapist. People are my passion. Art and Dancing are a close second. 

Maps: Waves
Location: Sacramento, California, United States
Pleše od: 2008
Jezici: English

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Sacramento, California, United States


18 Aug 2023 - 20 Aug 2023
Sacramento, California, United States
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