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Maximiliano Giannetto

5Rhythms Teacher in Training
I am a searching man who came from a business world a graduate in marketing and a social Psyichologist who was captivate by 5 rythms for 20 years , making me grow in other  areas.

It Has been difficult to cross certain barriers of prejudicen regarding dance performed by men in a context of Latin and sexist mentality.

My challenge is to develope the masculine aspect that is manifested in the dance of the 5 Rythms for both men and women to investigate and play with this new masculinity. Integrated the femenine and the masculine .

My gift of been able to see somenone dancing and knowing how to read something about their virtues,  their obstaces , their sensitivity makes me feel gracefull and with the desire to be able to share this look with other dancing souls.

As a curious person my goal is to get out of ths labyrinth of the mind to move on the wisdom of the body. 

The teacher´s work is about helping people love their bodies and themselves .

I offer this practice so that those who dance can expand their movements, their dreams and their perspectives.

Practice has led me to become more myself, encouraging me to move, to dance, to play with myself, with one another and with others 


Location: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pleše od: 2003
Jezici: English, Spanish

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