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"Live your life as an experiment! Curious, open and with a loving heart."
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Miriam Spichiger

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova

Some questions that have always intrigued me are “how do our bodies work“ and “how can we maintain or restore our health“. In my search for answers I studied pharmaceutical sciences. Some questions were answered, but by far not all. I kept searching for answers by working in research and development. The work in the lab was fascinating, nourished my curiosity, but felt artificial and limited. As I became a leader within my professional field, I find much joy in creating a space where people can explore and increase their comfort zone. I have come to know the power of teams working in unity and teams working in separation. I have seen the impact on our well-being when our souls are left at home as we go to work. In 2016 a dear friend of mine introduced me to the 5Rhythms. The dance floor became my new lab. It was a shift from my mind into my body. I discovered a total new way of exploring the body, relationships (alone - together, leading - following), the ‘art of being‘ and the reality of being my own medicine. I am fascinated how we can bring our experiences of the dance into our daily lives. As a 5Rhythms teacher, I offer a safe ‘lab space‘ where it is possible to discover our individual and collective uniqueness.  

Maps: Waves
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Pleše od: 2016
Jezici: German, English, French

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21 Jul 2024
Bern, Switzerland
21 Jul 2024
Langnau i. E., Switzerland
21 Sep 2024
Lutzelfluh, Switzerland


4 Oct 2024 - 6 Oct 2024
Galleli, Switzerland
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