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"My vision is to transform this world to one of ease, one body at a time."
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Renee Yerondais

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I've become a teacher to bring the liberty of embodied self-expression to those who are yet to enjoy it for themselves.

Cultivating awareness of the relationship between the mind and body is crucial to living a wholehearted and rich life. Too often we rely heavily on the mind to guide us but when we learn to allow the intuitive body to lead with a mindful guidance, we find greater power in being ourselves, being creative and making transformative magic from that place.

Authentic being gives us a greater chance at connecting with others, our environment and creating loving community. I'm on the side of love, inclusivity and compassion and am committed to manifesting more of that in the world.

Maps: Waves
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Pleše od: 2007
Jezici: English

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Frankston, Victoria, Australia


13 Jul 2024
Frankston, Victoria, Australia
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