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"I dance my life and live the dance!"
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Romana Tripolt

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova

„Through the 5Rhythms we discover our shamanic feet, feet that listen to the earth and are moved by her song. We discover our hearts in our hips, and a huge holiness in our heads and hands that reach out from our roots. We discover the spirit moving us, each of us, all of us.“ (G.Roth)


We will move our body using the map of the 5rhythms to explore ourselves: What is moving? What is moved? What is moving me? What is moving through me? These and many more questions may arise in the dance. We give form to whatever is moving through us. Conscious, reflective, focused on the dance, moving, sweating, surrendering, moving ....dancing the unique rhythms of our soul.

Maps: Waves
Location: Vienna, Austria
Pleše od: 1982 Podučava Od: 2010
Jezici: German, English

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Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria


27 Jun 2024 - 30 Jun 2024
Vienna, Austria
7 Jul 2024 - 13 Jul 2024
Weissensee Kaernten, Austria
25 Oct 2024 - 27 Oct 2024
Wiener Neustadt, Austria
18 Apr 2025 - 20 Apr 2025
Wiener Neustadt, Austria
27 Dec 2025 - 3 Jan 2026
Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia
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