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Thierry Francois

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova - Heartbeat in Training

Thierry has been dancing since a very early age, beginning with ballet lessons when he was a kid, pursuing theater in his 20s in order to express himself and share his inspiration with others, all the while perfecting himself through numerous practices such as dancing, mime and clown work. He is also a certified and experienced Gestalt therapist. In the early 2000s, he came across 5Rhythms and it enabled him to finally integrate body work into his practice. In 2010, he completed 5Rhythms teachers training with Gabrielle Roth, Waves level, and is currently training for the Heartbeat level with Jonathan Horan. He is also committed to working with men's groups, through ManKind Project. His unique way of teaching is the result of all these different aspects which he brings into his work with great enthusiasm, communicating his passion in a creative, easygoing and humorous way.

Maps: Heartbeat in Training, Waves, Elective
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Pleše od: 1999 Podučava Od: 2010
Jezici: English, French

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Zagreb, Croatia


31 Mar 2023 - 2 Apr 2023
Sofia, Bulgaria
6 Apr 2023 - 10 Apr 2023
Zurndorf, Austria
23 Jul 2023 - 29 Jul 2023
Moulin d'Orsennes, France
31 Jul 2023 - 6 Aug 2023
Sutivan, Croatia
14 Aug 2023 - 20 Aug 2023
Sutivan, Croatia
26 Aug 2023 - 1 Sep 2023
Sutivan, Croatia
3 Nov 2023 - 5 Nov 2023
Zagreb, Croatia
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