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Tomasz Szymocha

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova
I was born in 1969 in Poland, I've been dancing since forever/ since never ending time / since time with no beginning

My vision is that I can offer people through 5 rhythms the opportunity to find themselves and allow them to realise that they can be as they are with open hearts and minds; to feel connected to others, and to unify the differences that have the potential to cause conflict in the world. I would like to offer people the opportunity to distinguish between sex and intimacy so that there can be harmony and a coming together of male and female in a way that is loving and nourishing without the complications of sexual tension that often gets in the way of true intimacy between the sexes. Dance can connect people with different culture, nationality, and religion with open their hearts and minds, for me this is the service I would like offer to humanity and to the planet earth.
Maps: Waves, Elective
Location: Warszawa, Poland
Jezici: Polish, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Czech

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Dresden, Germany


1 May 2024 - 5 May 2024
Świeradów Zdrój, Poland
13 Aug 2024 - 18 Aug 2024
Świeradów Zdrój, Poland
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