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Wolfgang Ortner

Certificirani Učitelj 5Ritmova
During a weekend workshop about 16 years ago my wife had done her first 5Rhythms Workshop in Zurich. When she came home at Sunday evening, I was hanging sceptical at the sofa, and looked into the newspaper. I didn’t want something to do with that practice! After a while she took the newspaper away (which I only need for hidden myself) and danced in front of me each of the rhythms. And then it happens to me, within seconds. When I'm practice the 5Rhythms I'm deep connected with all of my attributes. I'm absolutely grounded and become this gift of all this indefinably energy which looks like it would be exhaustless. It takes me some years to accept this and try to transform that into my heart! I’m always on the ways, which will never ending. Ongoing service. In conclusion, after many years on the dance floor I'm definitively fallen in a deep love with the flowing and stillness movements. The connection with the ground “this fluidly borne by it” and the “get together" from all the rhythms inside of stillness, there are my homes. Everything got unity!
Maps: Waves
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Pleše od: 1998 Podučava Od: 2014
Jezici: German, English

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