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Dancing Shaman

Led by: Peter Fejer
20 Apr 2019 - 22 Apr 2019
Lokacija: Kékvölgy Waldorf Iskola, Pilisszentlászló
Pilisszentlászló, Hungary Prikaži mapu
Organizer: Peter Fejer

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 “Shamanic healing is a journey. It involves stepping out of our habitual roles, our conventional scripts, and improvising a dancing path.”

Gabrielle Roth

In several ancient societies, it was the role of the shaman to connect with spirits and heal. The shaman used ritual drumming, dance and singing for this purpose. According to these people everything had their own spirits – all the trees, plants, rivers, all the different diseases, all the elements.

Originally all members of a tribe did shamanistic rituals sometimes, when they felt the need, but later there was only one person in every tribe who claimed to be the right person to do these rituals. And finally as shamans faded to oblivion nobody did such rituals. I think we should reclaim our capabilities to heal ourselves, others and the world through ecstatic rituals. All the elements in 5Rhythms movement meditation serves the purpose of better connection. Connection to the physical world, to ourselves, to others and to ideas, concepts, to the divine.

This path brings us closer to the immediate present, to the reality of the here and now, and at the same time it offers us a map to arrive to a more intimate relation to the spirit world as well. We all have the capacity to dance, we all have the capacity to connect and we all have the capacity to heal.

On this journey we will use the 5Rhythms movement map to provide the basis for the ritual journey of the dancing shaman. We will not use any substances and the workshop is completely unrelated to any cult or religion.


Full price: €120

Early booking price until 31 March €100 with the payment of €20 non-refundable deposit.

Reduced price for participants from Romania, Serbia, Slovakia: €90 (early €70)

If you bring your life partner he/she can participate for half price.

We’ll start at noon on Saturday and finish at 13h Monday. The schedule of the sessions will be flexible. The retreat will contain 15 hours of group work.


It is possible to sleep in the school building for €5/person/night.

You can find a wide variety of accommodation options in Szentendre. It is 15 minutes by car or 30-40 minutes by bus.

Link to Booking.com / Szentendre

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A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities.
PREDUVJETI: No prerequisites required.

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