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"Authenticity shines through when we've danced through the dark, revealing the extraordinary light in life—one rhythm at a time."
Western Canada Teacher Community
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Anna Mrozik

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

Embracing Einstein's wisdom that life can be miraculous or ordinary, I've pursued a curiosity-driven journey across cultural borders.Born behind the Iron Curtain, I eagerly sought cross-cultural experiences abroad, which fueled my rapid personal growth. Over the course of two decades in international corporations, spanning various countries and hierarchical tiers, I accumulated invaluable insights. However, corporate fatigue and burnout eventually led me to personal exploration, where I discovered the transformative power of beliefs through Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics.

Guided by the integration of mind, body, and spirit, I found that 5 Rhythms dance provides a holistic roadmap for personal growth. Fascinated by the untapped potential of the human body, I've blended dance with purpose to assist others in reconnecting with themselves for more fulfilling lives. 

I firmly believe that true meaning emerges when we embrace our authentic strengths. As a guiding light, I aspire to lead individuals toward a more miraculous existence, one rhythm at a time. 

5 Rhythms offers multifaceted guidance for navigating life's various layers. Many of us often feel disconnected from our bodies, unanchored and powerless. 

I aim to shift this, guiding people to fuller lives. 

Through the medium of dance, my natural love, I hope to inspire profound change.

Location: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Baila desde: 2017
Idiomas: Ingles, Polish, German, Español

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Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
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