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Anneke Van der Schoor

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

For more than 20 years I've been dancing the 5Rhythms. I can still remember the first experience I had with the 5Rhythms: no directed passes, just moving and dancing with delightful music and dancing in a way how I feel at that moment. A safe environment in which I never feel assessed. This gave and still gives me a unique feeling of freedom and that is why dancing the 5Rhythms is always a moment for myself.

Dancing the 5Rhythms has also given me the opportunity to get to know myself better. Every rhythm has a different dimension and touches a different emotion. The more knowledge about the 5Rhythms and the more dance experience, the better I get to know and appreciate my body and emotions. Oefff this sounds very floating, but it certainly isn't! I always look forward to go dancing again. Enjoying dancing with a group or totally focused on myself, just as it suits and feels best.

I wish everyone could have this feeling, to be able to move freely in the way that suits you. No expectations that you have to meet, but together with other dancers experiencing the joy of moving to music.

Location: Gouda, Netherlands
Baila desde: 2002
Idiomas: Dutch, Ingles

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