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Bansi Guy Morelle

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I have been a wooden boat builder, visual artist, house painter, been a butoh dancer, bodyworker, cook, surfer, meditator….but all the way dance has been my way to simply be me.

So many times I have experienced how dancing can heal wounds caused by stumbling in life, in the struggle and longing to find my authentic expression.When the pleasure of feeling the groove in my bones take over, it gives me courage to be more authentic in my expression, both in celebration and grief. It is my door to accept myself and the other as we are and simply be.

Since I came across the 5Rhythms in 2015 I keep experiencing that when I share this groove with others, it makes the experience more real, challenging, supportive, fun and the healing goes on deeper.

So, whoever and wherever you are on your life journey, I invite you to join the dance

Location: Hedalen, Norway
Baila desde: 2015
Idiomas: Ingles, Portuguese, French, Norwegian

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Hedalen, Norway
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