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"Freedom is the more authentic and precious asset a human being has, you just have to experiment it in all its forms to feel the medicine in your sking: Dance, move, create, free yourself & wish for others well being."
South America Teacher Community
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Carolina Lazarte

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos

Never lost faith that I would be somehow connected to 5Rhythms.  Back in 2012 after reviewing the requisites to become a teacher everything seemed like a nice dream.  Some years later I decided to give it a another try and ever since I dance on that floor I knew my dream would become my reality, my ife companion, the support to my mind and to all my body parts.  The 5Rhythms Maps have become a tremendous gift to my bones, to my thoughts and has brought so much light and clarity to my life.

I never thought I would reinvent myself in such way to become so committed and enthusiastic about this movement practice.  This is a magical journey that will never end and it came to my life to stay with me.  It is a huge committment but it is worth all the effort in this world, all 5Rhythm teachers bring their own magic to the dancing floor and we will all contribute to a better, healthier more spiritual and happier society.

Maps: Waves
Location: Lima, Peru
Baila desde: 2017
Idiomas: Ingles, Español

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