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"Trust your feet, take a deep breath, and let your body lead by the music from your comfort zone to the zone unknown."
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Christian Unglert

Certificado profesor 5Ritmos
When I started to dance the 5R in 2006 it was love of first sight. The first time it was just a good balance for my challenging work as a male nurse in a hospice. Later on, with some practice, I had rare sacred moments. When i surrendered my body totally to the music my locked up soul suspected freedom, out of the dark and narrow jail of the ego into the beautiful lands of light, love and oneness with the dancers around me and with god. I am very grateful for these gifts! My biggest struggles are, to come out of my "safe-cocon-dance" into a "riding-the-edge-dance" and to say YES to myself and a clear NO to my friends. Although my mind has no clue about the wisdom, the 5R have to give and my body hints just a bit of the beauty and richness, i trust my intuition, that the 5R will guide me the right way.
Maps: Waves
Location: Munich / Muenchen, Germany
Baila desde: 2006
Idiomas: German, Ingles

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