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Clara Cornil

Certificado profesora 5Ritmos

I grew up in a musical household, and started dance, piano and violin age 4. My passion for music and movement lead me to opera in the Conservatory of Mons in Belgium. Now I combine this with my love for the divine; on stage as an artist and off-stage as a teacher. 

Aptly situated in the heart of Europe, I work as promotor of science communication in Brussels university, where I plan accessible activities with professors. 

My mom is a 5 Rhythms teacher and took me, my brother and sister Anne to the practice. We've been participating in workshops & waves throughout life as a family untill we could travel on our own. Gabrielle and Jonathan inspired me to graduate from the teacher training program in 2021. My biggest teacher was observing how other bodies moved. Since I started dancing when I was ten, sometimes as a kid I was too tired to dance and would just sit and watch how feet moved and hips swung. I became an excellent witness. It is now my vision to include movement courses in our educational systems, as I feel gratitude for this gift.

Maps: Waves
Location: Gent, Belgium
Baila desde: 2004
Idiomas: Dutch, Ingles, French, German

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Gent, Belgium


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