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Coni Friedberg

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I’m Coni Friedberg; a Latin American woman from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a citizen of the world. I dance to free myself from any instructions that don’t come directly from my heart. I dance to be honest with my lights and shadows. I dance to be creative. I dance to feel alive. I dance to remind myself that I am energy and I have the power to move it.

I want to create safe spaces where people can just be who they are; with what they are dealing in the present moment. I want to expand the dance as a vehicle to transform energy in our system; in ourselves. A vehicle to connect with the world from our most essential being. The 5Rhythms Wave is a musical journey where the body can heal itself by keeping it breathing and moving.

I have a Degree in Social Communication, so I find magic in words. I am an Ontological Coach so I trust that we can breakthrough to transform ourselves from the inside out. I am an Astrologist, so I trust that there is something bigger than us, the energies of the stars. I am a 5Rhythms Teacher in Training because I know the body doesn’t lie.

Location: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Baila desde: 2018
Idiomas: Ingles, Español

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26 Jun 2024
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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