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"The more we dance the more we love - for me it is that simple"
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Dance has always been my saviour, my healer and my love ... As a child It was a way to express what no words ever could, a way of being with God when I felt alone, and a way to stay in touch with who I am - when everything sought to disconnect me. As an adult I became separated from my body and I forgot to dance ... It was during a time of intense personal crisis that I found 5Rhythms and discovered my feet again. I had been questioning if I would ever know love again - and from the moment my feet touched the dance floor I knew I would forever be called to ask: how can I serve? How can I bring this to others? How can I help people know how much they are loved?

Dance is medicine. If we surrender our mind and let our dance be free it will release us - dissolving old patterns, healing old wounds, and awakening us to the truth of who we are. The five rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness are aligned to the deepest qualities of our collective and individual soul. The more we dance them, the more we embody their teachings and presence in our lives. The more we dance the more we love - for me it is that simple …

5Rhythms is a movement meditation practice, a pathway to transformation and a community to which anyone can belong. My intention is to provide a safe space for anyone wishing to return to their body and know the magic that lives within their own unique dance. There are no steps to learn. No right way to dance. I have worked as a social worker for 15 years and I am committed to inviting all people, no matter their physical ability, age or story - into the dance ...

Please contact me if I can support you in any way …
Maps: Waves
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Baila desde: 2008 Enseña desde: 2014

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