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"“Dance, dance. Otherwise we are lost.”Bausch, Pina "
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Fátima Falcao

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

I was introduced to the 5 Rhythms in 2015 in a class with more than 100 dancing bodies. 

Immediately, I felt home in my own soul. And deeply connected to the essence of a 5 year old little girl who loved to dance freely and be with the waves in the Northeast of Brazil, where I was born and raised. I will never forget my happy face looking at the mirror after a trance in that two-hour class. My 30 something meeting again my inner child. 

Movement is my true nature and my life thread.

Dancing the 5 Rhythms connects me to my three core values: vitality, curiosity and integrity. 

I am a Brazilian soul seeker, passionate about arts, spirituality,  literature, movement and traveling.

I work in Business in the Tech industry and am a Mentor to conscious businesses and female business leaders. I am also a Psychoanalysis student. 

My motto is to move people and businesses away from inertia.  

My practice with the 5 Rhythms is a quest to find that sweet spot where I can be both wild and peaceful, disciplined and creative. To find my home in my own heart. 

Becoming a 5 Rhythms teacher feels like a natural and true calling to offer this powerful medicine in service of others.

Location: , Brazil
Baila desde: 2015
Idiomas: Portuguese, Ingles, Español

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23 Jun 2024
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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