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" Have courage. Dig deep to fly high. "
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Flow Vulk

5Rhythms Teacher in Training

In 2014 I found my feet on a 5R dance floor. This is when and where it all magnificently fell apart before falling into place and making sense. There was no more hiding no more pretence - the backbone of my being the raw wilderness within was living and breathing again. The All of me was allowed to be, it was pulsing and roaring. From this point on I knew there was no going back, only going forward. It is in our bones, blood and breath you see  - the beat, the rhythm, the Song of Songs. The Song of Life. Dance it. It is your birthright. This is how we plug back to Source. This is how we wake up. This is how we become alive again. This is how we find answers and resolutions. This is how we commune. Our ancestors did it we can do it too. And truly for me nothing else quite matches it. So let this be an open invitation to shake off the cobwebs, rattle those bones let that breath flow and let these feet find their beat. Let Life In. 

Location: London, United Kingdom
Baila desde: 2014
Idiomas: Ingles

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London, United Kingdom
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