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"Step in is the Possibility, Take in is the Permission, Breath is the Power, Expansion is the Pleasure, Sweat is the Prayer "
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Francis Spautz

Certificado profesor 5Ritmos
So far, my walk as a wounded son has led me to many seekers, healers and storytellers, intellectuals and workers, artists and rebels, politicians, dreamers, believers and lovers. From the bodyworkers front to the psychoanalytical ivory tower, along with spiritual approaches to sociological and existentialist models, so many languages are intertwined in a Babylonian confusion. It appears to me that the dancefloor is the one place where people, wherever they come from and whatever they bring along, can meet themselves and each other in the truth of the present and unequivocally celebrate Being. I aim to offer that space of possibilities where shadow and light, conscious and unconscious, joy and sorrow, past and future can join to build a dynamic field of nourishing energy that people can integrate into their lives. A tribal ground allowing to explore the healing potential of  feelings, thoughts and acts  aligned. I am a father of two radiant young adults, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, an edgewalker.
Maps: Waves
Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Baila desde: 2010
Idiomas: German, French, Ingles

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